All the details of the exterior of the new Renault Clio that you had overlooked

Yesterday we mentioned to you -in this other article- that the French brand From the rhombus he had discovered the whole interior of his most precious model, the Renault Clio . The company left us several images showing us the design of the dashboard, the new digital instrument panel, the large central touch screen and the design of the seats, among others.

Youtube channel of Renault Global hung a video where two design managers told us some details about the interior. In the article yesterday we inserted it, but it seems that the French firm has repented and deleted it. The fact is that in that video, in some moments, could be seen part of the exterior design . Do not worry, it has already been too late for Renault and the video is circulating .

This is the video that we leave you right above this paragraph. As you can see, at the beginning of the moment 0:04 , the design of the rear pilots is clearly visible in the reflection of a crystal. A priori, they seem very similar to the current model. However, in this same shot we see that the boot lid is not so flat, with a rear window tilt , while Renault Clio IV is more straight. Above a roof spoiler appears.

We advance a little bit more and in the second 0:08 it shows the inscription of the model in the boot lid . As in the current model, the Clio inscription is located in the lower and middle part of the gate, just below the brand logo.

Just 2 seconds later, in the 0:10 , we clearly appreciate the headlight design . The gala firm continues to use the same style that debuted a few years ago with the fourth generation of Mégane, and that has been transmitted to other models such as the Talisman or the Koleos. Now we can firmly state that it will also be seen in the new Renault Clio.

If we stop the clip immediately afterwards, at 0:11 , Laurens Van Den Acker, responsible for design, appears in a close-up next to the front of a new Renault Clio in orange, seeing a second unit at the bottom of blue. This video fragment allows us to see clearly what the front will be like. It is very similar to the current model , with very similar lines and an almost identical middle part of the nose if it were not for the new headlights. The hood also has more curves than the one used in the predecessor model.

Lastly, and although this is not as clear as all of the above, the feeling that gives us the instant 2:08 is that the handles on the rear doors of the new Clio will also be hidden at the top and rear of the windows, camouflaging to try to convey a design more similar to that of a three-door body .

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