The interior of the future Renault Clio is discovered ... and eye on the evolution

With the recent renewals of models such as the Volkswagen Polo or the Ford Fiesta, the Segment B hopes that the generational revelations of other heavyweights of this category will soon land, and the new Peugeot 208 or Renault Clio can be highlighted. It seems that both will debut in 2019, and the Clio is already beginning to be discovered .

The fifth generation of the Renault Clio has just shown us its interior with some images published just a few minutes ago by the French firm. In addition, he already announces that this utility will be fully revealed during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show , at the beginning of March. What do you think of the interior? Change a lot , right?

The new Renualt Clio is exhibited for the first time, and it does so by showing us its interior. The technological leap with respect to the current model is very remarkable, and it does so by pulling design, but also by technology. Proof of this is the 10-inch all-digital and multiconfigurable instrument panel - referred to as " Smart Cockpit " - or the large main screen for the infotainment system 9.3 inches .

In the model predecessor, in the fourth generation Clio, the touch screen was not integrated into the dashboard. The recipe is maintained in this new Renault Clio, and is something that we like because it is in a rather high position to not divert the view of the road. In this case, the graphs seem to be much more successful -we hope that the operation has also improved a lot- and receives a more vertical placement , as in some of the models of the brand.

The design of the dashboard and the air vents should be highlighted. In the style of some models, such as the Volkswagen Passat, the air conditioner aerators receive a aesthetic continuity in the entire horizontal plane. This seeks to achieve a greater sense of width in the passenger compartment and, of course, an attractive design.

You could not miss different styles depending on the chosen version . For example, it seems that the units with more sporty finishes will receive seams and some details in contrast to the red color in the interior. Look also at the design of the dashboard that tries to imitate the use of carbon fiber, combined with a sportier steering wheel. I have also noticed the seats for their careful design.

I do not think Renault takes too long to show us the exterior design of their most important model, the Renault Clio.