How to change the oil in your car?

Change the engine oil of the car

Change the engine oil by your account is a good way to save yourself some good money in the workshop. It's really a simple process , although you'll have to roll up your sleeves and be willing to work under your car.

Whenever you do, you should also change the oil filter. This way your car will be well lubricated and it will stay like this until next time that it will touch an oil change. Here are the steps you must take to do it easily and safely.

Heat the oil

To be able to extract all the oil it is necessary to be more fluid. That's why should be warmed up by turning on the engine for 10 minutes. In cars in which the idle is very low and does not reach much temperature, it is better to give yourself a lap of a few minutes to help it reach the temperature. With that the needle reaches 60 or 70 degrees will be enough. Then turn off the engine.

Raise the car

You must raise the car to access the crankcase. The best and most comfortable way is with a lifting platform , but not all of us have one. The second best option are the car ramps. And the third option is to use a car jack , which is not recommended because it is not safe and because it tilts the car to one side.

Anyway, If you opt for the cat , you must take into account two things: put the handbrake whenever you use it and tilt the car to the side where the crankcase screw is, otherwise old oil will remain inside. If you are not sure how to use it, take a look at the article: How can I raise the car myself?

Let the air in

Remove the plug and the rod so that the engine oil comes out

occurs with any container, the liquid comes out better if you have another entrance through which the air passes. Open the cap and remove the rod so that the oil does not have an empty effect inside the engine when leaving. In this way it will come out with a continuous and uniform stream instead of gushing. A step that will facilitate your collection when you open the crankcase screw.

Place container

You should never get rid of used motor oil in sewers, drains or any other option that prevents recycling. Place a container under the oil evacuation screw to collect everything. Keep in mind that if the screw points horizontally to some side, the oil will be thrown there, so run the basin or whatever you are using a little in that direction.

Where to take the engine oil

The engine oil is very polluting either mineral or synthetic. Take it to a recycling center , such as the Clean Landlines of Madrid or the Green Points of Barcelona. If there is no similar site in your locality, call nearby workshops and ask, because they have the necessary means.

The best way to transport it is in the carafe of new oil that you go to. put your car . To put it back in it you will need a funnel and wait until the oil is not very hot if that is the case. If you remove all the remains of the basin with a spatula better than better.It is also better that you wear gloves , because the usual thing is that the last laps you have to give them with your hand. If it is at the right temperature the oil will come out very fluid and with a certain speed. Adjust the bowl so that nothing spills and wait until not a drop falls .

Change the oil filter

If you want to complete the oil change process properly you must change the filter . It is an element that degrades with time and it is advisable to put a new one when recommended by the manufacturer. It is usually a black or silver cylinder which is fixed by a thread in the engine compartment. You will have to unscrew it. When you change it you must remember two things: clean the gap that leaves the filter with a lint-free cloth and places a new board , which will come with the new filter .

Fill with new oil

Put oil new engine

Put the new oil in the engine . If you do not know how much your car takes, you can do it little by little, measuring every so often. For example, in a small engine throws three and a half liters, wait 5 minutes to go to the bottom and use the rod to see how far it goes. Repeat the operation with a little oil each time until it reaches the appropriate mark.

It does not hurt that during the oil change process check some things . For example if there is a leak that caused the mixture of oil and antifreeze or if the crankcase screw needs repair. A good habit that you should always have when the car gets up.

If you want to know what is what happens if you do not change the oil to the engine , this is what happens if you do not do it in 130,000 km. It may interest you