NEVS and Koenigsegg join forces to expand to other markets

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Uniting to survive is the only thing that manufacturers can do They still walk alone. If to this idea, we join that some do not raise their heads, it becomes vital to find a suitable partner. Thanks to this, the development of new vehicles and propulsion systems adapted to current demands will be viable. This is what you should have thought about Koenigsegg and NEVS , as they have signed a collaboration agreement.

Both firms are Swedish and have a size Tiny, however their stories are opposite. Koenigsegg has been able to stand up to Ferrari or Lamborghini in the development of supercars. The case of NEVS is different, because since it acquired the remains of Saab they have not been able to put their plans on track. However, they have understood that their way of working is similar and that their future may be closer if they join forces.

Growing in other segments and markets, here's the big question

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According to Koenigsegg and NEVS , this alliance will be sealed with the creation of a new joint venture . The initial investment is 150 million dollars and the shareholding will be 65 percent for NEVS and 35 percent for Koenigsegg. To work, owner of Saab will take care of the production of those vehicles that can design, because it has a productive capacity in the facilities of Trollhättan .

The mission of Koenigsegg will be more important, as it will be responsible for the technological design , intellectual property and patents. This union, which a priori is detrimental to this, does not seem to be so, since the hyper-sports market is growing, and Koenigsegg needs to expand its production . So, with the facilities of the old Saab in your own country, you can increase your sales without investing in a new center.

The benefit of NEVS is also clear, because today they do not have money to develop their electrical technology . The 9-3 electric they are marketing in China is very old and their technique has been outdated for a long time. In this way, you can count on a large part of the know how of Koenigsegg at a very low price. However, we will have to see how this relationship affects the operations of NEVS in China, because last week Evergrande took over part of the company.

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