Toyota wants to continue thrilling and therefore we will see more GR models

Toyota Yaris GRMN

With so much hybrid and ecological vehicle, in recent years it seemed that the Toyota sports DNA was sentenced to death. Luckily, the rumors of the launch of a new Toyota Supra were confirmed and materialized a few days ago at the Detroit Motor Show, where it was presented worldwide.

In 2017, too was unveiled the Toyota Yaris GRMN, a limited and very prestacional version of the urban Japanese, whose 1.8 supercharged engine produced 212 HP of pure fun . Now more than ever, it seems that the Japanese company wants to revive its sporty spirit with some more dynamic versions, but without losing that road map that, as you know, goes through electrification.

The acronym GR is the abbreviation of Gazoo Racing.
Front of the Toyota Supra running on track

Our British Autocar comrades comment that Toyota boss Akio Toyoda has hinted that they will produce more sports cars follow in the wake of the new Toyota Supra; and that the Supra GR could make way for a new MR2 . Although this last statement -the one of the MR2- is hard to believe, it could still be the successor of the current Toyota GT86; so we do not rule it out either.

A few days ago we asked ourselves, in this other article, if the Toyota GT86 would have the days counted by the arrival of the new Supra and its similar dimensions.

At the moment, Toyota Spain already announced us in the mid December the Toyota Yaris GR Sport. It is not a sports car; It is a version that modifies some exterior and interior aesthetic aspects, adds more equipment and hardens the suspensions to offer a more dynamic touch, but is still a 100 hp Toyota Yaris hybrid .

Toyota Yaris GR-Sport front and rear

Hopefully the new Toyota Corolla -modelo that we will try in a few weeks- also has some sports edition months after launching the most conventional variants. We do not know if we will be talking about a Toyota Corolla GRMN , a very radical compact that faces cars like the Hyundai i30 N or the Seat Leon Cupra, for example, or if it will be a sweeter bet, as a Kia Ceed GT, which would then take the denomination Toyota Corolla GR Sport .

Here you can read our test with the sporty Toyota GT86.

Time will tell us, but the truth is that receiving this type of information from a brand so focused on efficiency and ecology always makes us happy. And this can be the best example that a company can have several approaches , not leaving aside forever the passion to drive, but still fighting for ecology and environmental responsibility.

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